Short-term Blended mobility in the framework of Erasmus+ Roadmap/FAQ for incoming students

What is a Blended Intensive Programme?

A BIP is a programme (a course, course unit or module) where you work as a student with students and teachers from different institutions in an online component and also meet physically. The physical component lasts minimum 5 days and maximum 30 days. The study load for students is at least 3 credits = ECTS (for the physical and virtual component together).

Can I receive a grant?

You have to apply for an Erasmus+ grant in your home university. Please contact the international office of your university.

Do I have to sign up for this somewhere? Are there any deadlines?

Yes, you have to apply as an exchange student.

In order to come to Ghent University as an exchange student there should be an Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional agreement between your home institution and Ghent University.

When applying for a Blended Intensive Programme you need to submit your application at least the last Monday of the month before the month in which the BIP takes place.

How to apply as an exchange student?

In case you cannot apply via a digital learning agreement, you can apply directly at Ghent University:

  • As a first step you need to create a Ghent University account and register via the Oasis website
  • Next step is to select the correct academic year of your exchange and click on the link ‘Exchange’ under ‘Curriculum’.

The exchange application consists of the following elements:

Exchange application including mobility type

Blended Intensive Programme: you participate in a BIP organized by Ghent University. A bilateral agreement between your home institution and Ghent University is required. Please indicate the period of your actual stay in Ghent under your planned period of stay.

Study programme

Please consult the Faculty Officer responsible for Internationalisation for more information about your study programme.


This is not applicable for Blended Intensive Programmes, add “not required for BIP” under motivation.

Language skills

Your knowledge of Dutch and English. Please consult the language requirements in order to prepare the correct English language certificate - no need to upload a certificate for BIPs, just indicate your language level.

Contact person

Someone we may contact in case of an emergency


Uploading the following documents is required:

  • Transcript of Records: This is an overview of your grades of the past study years.
  • Learning agreement: in case your sending institution does not support digital learning agreements, you need to upload a valid learning agreement (signed by yourself and by the responsible at your home institution) under the documents of your exchange application as “other document”. Please inform the international officer at Ghent University who will sign your learning agreement after reviewing your application. Also use the correct template for short-term blended mobility (including BIP). Make sure the Learning Agreement is completely filled in and signed, dated and stamped where necessary!

Approval procedure

  • After submitting your complete exchange application the Faculty Officer responsible for Internationalisation (FCI) will check if your application is complete and if you are eligible to follow the programme on your learning agreement.
  • If the faculty approves your application, they will sign your Learning Agreement.
  • After the approval of the International Relations Office you will receive an acceptance email with your signed learning agreement and your official invitation letter. The invitation letter is required for registration upon arrival and for your visa application (if applicable).

The approval procedure can take several weeks.

What about academic recognition?

Ghent University will issue a transcript of records so that your study results can be recognized by your home university.

What about housing/accommodation?

The BIP coordinator will inform you about housing/accommodation options.

What if something happens? What should I definitely do?

  • Observe local guidelines and follow safety regulations.
  • Make sure your personal contact details are entered in My OASIS.
  • Follow the advice of your host institution/internship site.

Do not hesitate to take the necessary steps if something arises. In case of possible problems, do the following:

  • In case of serious problems, contact the emergency services. The emergency number 112 applies in all EU countries but also in many others.
  • contact your Embassy/Consulate.
  • Contact Ghent University as soon as possible (during office hours to and/or 24/24 - 7/7 at + 32 9 264 88 88 or
  • Also quickly let the contact person you designated in OASIS know. Also put your faculty's FCI officer in cc.
  • In case of personal accidents or illness, contact your health insurance company and insurer as soon as possible.