2-4 Year Research Projects

Starting date

1 October 2019.


March, 11 2019

Duration and funding

  • Funding can be requested for personnel, operating and/or equipment costs;
  • The project has a duration of minimum 2 years and maximum 4 years;
  • The funding depends on the duration of the project and amounts to max. € 100.000 (2 years) , max. € 150.000 (3 years) and maximum € 200.000 (4 years).

For who

Who can apply

  • The call is open to promoters who applied in 2017 and/ or in 2018 as a promoter spokesperson for a general FWO project. This also includes the Lead Agency Projects.
  • and who belongs to one of the following categories at Ghent University:
    • a member of the tenured academic staff (Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel) or
    • a visiting professor with at least a research assignment or
    • senior assistant, senior lector, assistant professor, associate professor, full professor or senior full professor within the integration framework at UGent who holds a PhD degree. In this case, it is compulsory to add a co-promoter who belongs to category (a) or (b) of the promoter.

Who cannot apply

  • Holders of Methusalem-funding.
  • Spokespersons and promoters of GOA projects with an end date after 31 December 2020 cannot apply for a 2-4 year project.
  • Promoters of BOF Interdisciplinary research projects awarded in 2018 (starting date 1 October 2018) cannot apply for a 2-4 year project
  • Promoters of BOF 4 year research projects awarded in 2017 (starting date 1 October 2017) cannot apply for a 2-4 year project.

Additional conditions

  • The result of the FWO-application has no influence on the evaluation of the BOF application. This means that promoter-spokespersons of both awarded and non-awarded FWO projects can obtain a BOF 2-4 year research project;
  • In case FWO has dismissed an FWO application on the basis of a conflict of interests concerning the referees, this application can be used as access to the call for 2-4 year projects;
  • The same research plan cannot be funded by both FWO and BOF.  Only if FWO partially finances a project, one can apply for supplementary funding at BOF
  • Each promoter can submit one BOF application only. Even if that promoter is the promoter of several FWO applications, only one BOF application is permitted.

How to apply?

  • The project proposals must be submitted using the form on the bottom of this page. Please send a PDF version of the application form by mail to BOFapplication@ugent.be.
  • The project proposals can be submitted either in Dutch or English.


Results online on June, 15 2019 - see https://www.ugent.be/en/research/funding/bof/results/overview.htm 


Griet De Geyter


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