Special Research Fund- Doctoral Scholarships

Special Research Fund - Doctoral Scholarships

Every year, with support from its “Special Research Fund” (BOF), Ghent University assists promising young researchers by means of a PhD grant.


2 x 2 years.

How does it work?

All candidates have to apply jointly with a promoter of Ghent University. Before applying to the Special Research Fund (BOF) candidates are responsible for finding a UGent professor from Ghent University who is willing to act as the supervisor (‘promoter’) of their doctoral research plan. The best way to do this is by browsing through the list of faculties and research topics available on the research directory of our website: http://www.ugent.be/en/research/research-ugent/researchdirectory/overview.htm.

This call is the only call from the Special Research Fund that is open to all nationalities. Both Belgian and foreign students are eligible to apply. This implies that the call is highly competitive. The first selection criteria in this call are the study result of the candidates, which means you will need to prove you are a top student (in respect of study results). To be taken into consideration, applicants preferably belong at least to the top 15% best students of the group of fellow students who took exams for the same degree (on bachelor and master level). Applicants with a lower candidate score stand very little chance of getting a BOF-doctoral scholarship.

The Research Council makes a selection of the applications. The recommendation is based on the evaluation of the qualifications of the applicant (study results), the project and the scientific/scholarly potential of the promoter’s research group(s).


4 May 2017

More information

Contact: BOF@UGent.be