Automatically awarded Starting Grant

Since 2010 start-up funding is granted to recently appointed academic staff members (ZAP) at Ghent University on an annual and competitive basis, through the call “BOF Starting Grants” with the aim to develop a first research project for a period of four years.

On 21 February 2019 the Research Council approved the proposal to discontinue the competitive call “BOF Starting Grants” with immediate effect. Instead, a start-up budget will be allocated automatically from the BOF resources to all new ZAP members with a minimum ZAP employment percentage of 50%, shortly after the start of their appointment at Ghent University.

In addition, a start-up budget will also be granted to ZAP members whose ZAP appointment percentage is increased to at least 50% .

General information

Through the automatically awarded Starting Grant, financial support is granted for personnel, operating and/or equipment costs. The total funding amounts to € 200.000.  This budget will remain available  at Ghent University for 4 years.

A Starting Grant can only be awarded once during the entire career at Ghent University.

Who is eligible for an automatically awarded Starting Grant?

At Ghent University there are 2 fixed moments each year when ZAP members are appointed or their existing ZAP appointment percentage is increased: 1 October and 1 February. Shortly after these two dates, the Starting Grant will automatically be awarded to the eligible ZAP members.


To be entitled to receive a Starting Grant the ZAP member must belong to one of the following categories:

    • ZAP members who are newly appointed at Ghent University as of  1 October/1 February with a ZAP appointment of at least 50%.
    • ZAP members whose ZAP appointment at Ghent University is increased to a minimum of 50% as of 1 October/1 February.
    • ZAP members who are newly appointed at Ghent University as of 1 October/1 February with a ZAP appointment of at least 50%, but who take up this appointment on a part-time basis in combination with an FWO-postdoctoral fellowship.
    • ZAP members who are newly appointed at Ghent University as of 1 October/1 February and who combine a part-time ZAP appointment at Ghent University with a part-time ZAP appointment at the Ghent University Global Campus (South-Korea). The combined appointment percentage amounts to at least 50%.


Also ZAP members who are newly appointed at Ghent University as of 1 October/1 February and who combine a ZAP-position of less than 50% with an FWO-senior clinical investigator fellowship will receive a start-up budget. This award will be done by Ghent University Hospital (UZGent) instead of Ghent University. For this category the workflow as mentioned below does not have to be followed. The budget (€200.000) will be made available on a WBS element within Ghent University Hospital (UZGent).

For more information on the procedure to receive a start-up budget at Ghent University Hospital (UZGent), please contact .


In order to obtain a Starting Grant a minor registration procedure is required within the context of the FRIS database (cf. obligation imposed by EWI). For this registration an online web application form is developed within the GISMO project (= implementation of an integrated research information system at Ghent University).

All ZAP members who are entitled to receive a Starting Grant will be invited in the beginning of October/February via their UGent e-mail address to fill in the GISMO web application form. This registration form is preferably filled in within a month after their official appointment date of at least 50%, but will be possible up to a maximum of one year after their effective appointment date as ZAP member of at least 50%.

Through the web application form minimal but essential information is requested. It concerns the following data:

  • Administrative information concerning the promoter (name, email, department, ORCID ID and name administrative staff member that can be contacted instead of the promoter/proxy).
  • Title of the research project (Dutch and English)
  • Information concerning the project timing (intended start date)
  • Abstract of the research project in Dutch and English
  • Keywords in Dutch and English
  • Research field codes
  • Information on possible ethical and/or biosafety issues

After the application form is being filled in, DOZA checks whether the information on the ethical advice and biosafety file is correct and sufficient. Only in this case the budget of the Starting Grant can be awarded to start up the project. After approval, the ZAP member will receive an email from GISMO stating the Grantscode in SAP, on which the allocated budget was made available, as well as the start and end date of the funding in SAP. The earliest possible availability of the budget will be one month after the start of the ZAP appointment (or increase of the ZAP appointment to a minimum of 50%).

What in case a ZAP member starts later than the official appointment?

ZAP members who are officially appointed as of 1 October/1 February, but who start later, can (if they wish) already fill out the registration form from the official appointment date, but the budget of the Starting Grant will only be made available from the effective start date of the ZAP appointment.

Scientific report

Within one year after the end of the project that was funded through the Starting Grant, the promoter has to send a scientific report electronically to This report is the only reporting on the Starting Grant project.

The template for this scientific report can be found below.



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