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Ghent Universiteity Museum (GUM) & Botanical Garden

The GUM is a museum dedicated to science, research and critical thinking. The Botanical Garden is a unique and valuable place for research, inspiration and tranquillity. 

Ghent University Public Observatory Armand Pien

Do you like astronomy and weather science? In the public observatory you can look at the stars, attend lectures and visit exhibitions.

Science Day

    Fancy an instructive, fascinating and enjoyable day full of science? Numerous Flemish universities, colleges and scientific institutions open their doors at the end of November!

    Science cafés 

    Science cafes bring science... in bars! On Tuesday evenings in Ghent, Kortrijk, and Bruges. For everyone with a healthy thirst for knowledge!

    Pint of Science

    Pint of Science is a worldwide science festival which brings researchers to your local bar/cafe/space to share their scientific discoveries with you.

    Nerdland Festival

    The Nerdland festival: three days full of science, music and fun... including a number of Ghent University researchers on the program!

    Vestrock University

    Every year there are a few UGent researchers in the 'VESTROCK UNIVERSITY' at the VESTROCK music festival, which takes place in June, just across the border.

    UGent Agenda

    Lectures, exhibitions, events... and more! You will find numerous activities on the agenda of our university. 

    Scientific Training

    The Scientific Training is a lesson cycle for seniors in Gent, Kortrijk, and Koksijde.

    Science online

    • Looking for good stories from and about Ghent University? Discover them at
    • Would you like to be inspired by interesting speakers through videos, podcasts or blogs?
    • Do you have a scientific question... but no answer? Ask them on


    Science Festival Ghent

    Pint of Science

    Do you want to join the Pint of Science Team?