Short stay

Short stay (maximum of 90 days)

The Schengen visa (C visa) is the authorisation granted by a Schengen state to stay in or transit through the territory of the Member States for a total period of no more than 3 months, during a period of 6 months from the date of first entry into this territory.

This visa is:

  • either valid for the entire Schengen territory
  • or territorially restricted (valid for the territory of one or more Schengen states, but not for the entire Schengen territory).

It is affixed in the form of a sticker (visa sticker) by a consulate or, exceptionally, at the border, in the travel document. 

Procedure for applying for a visa

The application is, in principle, made at the Belgian embassy or Belgian consulate in the home country or the place of stopover abroad. This must be at the earliest 3 months before the start of the planned trip.

  • Only one Schengen state as the destination? Apply at the embassy or consulate of the specific country
  • Multiple destinations? Apply at the main destination Schengen state (in terms of period or object of the stay)
  • No fixed main destination? Refer to the Schengen state through whose external border the Schengen territory will be entered.

If the new employee is already legally in Belgium, he or she can also submit an application for a residence permit to the municipal administration of the place of residence.

Required documents

  • Application form
  • Proof of a valid travel insurance policy
  • Evidence documents showing the purpose of the trip
  • Documents that provide proof of accommodation
  • Proof of financial solvency