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24-09-2020 15:00 Clauwaert, Jim Deep learning techniques for genome processing and annotation tasks in prokaryotes
25-09-2020 14:00 Meng, Lijuan Effects of light quality on strawberry, Botrytis cinerea, and their interaction
28-09-2020 15:00 Mutuku, Eunice Annah Maize production under Conservation Agriculture and Integrated Soil Fertility Management in the Sub-humid and Semi-arid regions of Kenya
28-09-2020 15:00 Bruneel, Stijn Integrating innovative fish monitoring and data analysis to support management of aquatic ecosystems
28-09-2020 16:00 Gitsels, Arlieke Development of a mucosal self-amplifying mRNA vaccine against female Chlamydia trachomatis infections
30-09-2020 15:00 Hanssens, Daan Robust collection and processing of small loop frequency domain electromagnetic data
07-10-2020 16:00 Vandicke, Jonas Exploration and mitigation of Fusarium mycotoxin contamination in silage maize: from field to feed
09-10-2020 16:00 Garcia Timermans, Cristina Raman microscopy for phenotyping microbial microorganisms
09-10-2020 16:00 De Wever, Jocelyn Genotyping and bean transcriptomics towards identification of cacao flavor genes
12-10-2020 16:00 Hu, Xiaona Microbial protein production by autotrophic nitrogen-fixing hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria
14-10-2020 17:00 De Paepe, Jolien Urine treatment technologies for a circular future within and beyond terrestrial boundaries
15-10-2020 16:00 Nguyen, Bao Viet Fat crystallization of palm-based blends with anhydrous milk fat
16-10-2020 16:00 Van de Put, Hans Combined use of plant sensors and mechanistic modelling to detect drought stress events in Ficus benjamina
20-10-2020 16:00 Liu, Ze Ozone-based Advanced Oxidation Processes for Trace Organic Contaminants Removal in (Waste)water: Kinetic Assessment and Improvement of Oxidant Exposure.
26-10-2020 17:00 Moens, Esther Phytoestrogenicity of biotransformed hops for application in female dogs