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23-04-2019 16:00 Van Overtveldt, Melissa Gold catalysis as a means and an end: Access to novel strigolactone analogs and methodology study.
23-04-2019 16:00 Tyvaert, Lien Potential of Verticillium endophytes to control Verticillium wilt and insights in the role of ethylene in the plant-fungus interaction.
23-04-2019 16:00 Nguyen Cong, Bac Supervised distance metric learning for pattern recognition.
24-04-2019 10:00 Jerves Cobo, Rubén Integrated water system modelling to support water management in the Cuenca basin
25-04-2019 16:00 Kataike, Joanita Impact of chain governance structures and chain performance: The case of dairy sector in Uganda.
26-04-2019 15:00 Nicolaï, Niels Supervisory process monitoring, identification and control for continuous pharmaceutical wet granulation.
26-04-2019 17:00 De Graeve, Marilyn Characterization of the yeast Starmerella bombicola for the improved production of lipophilic compounds.
02-05-2019 17:00 Biasino, Wauter Bacterial contamination of pig carcasses during slaughter and the growth potential of Yersinia enterocolitica and other foodborne pathogens under refrigeration.
06-05-2019 16:30 Rentería Gámiz, Ana Gabriela Expanding the knowledge of environmental sustainability in the biopharmaceutical industry: from manufacturing technologies to supply chain.
06-05-2019 17:00 Bourdoux, Siméon Decontamination techniques for fresh and dried plant-based foods through gaseous O3, Ultraviolet-C and supercritical CO2
07-05-2019 16:00 Zhou, Zijin Intervention strategies to improve th microbial safety of minimally processed berries, herbs and spices.
23-05-2019 16:30 Boone, Lieselot Quantification of agricultural productivity in environmental sustainability assessments: methodological developments and case studies
06-06-2019 10:00 Latka, Agnieszka Characterization and in vitro engineering of exopolysaccharide (EPS) depolymerases originated from Klebsiella phages.