Green Deal Office

How Ghent University can help decarbonise EuropeEU Green Deal

The European Climate Act sets out the objective of climate neutrality in 2050 in legislation. The Climate Act will ensure that all EU policies contribute to the objective of climate neutrality and thus all sectors will have to make their contribution.

For this purpose a roadmap was created consisting of almost 50 core actions bundled within multiple themes as seen below.

To help facilitate this transition the faculty of bioscience engineering of Ghent University set up a Green Deal Office. In this office we aim to connect those in need of advice or knowledge on how to successfully transition to a green future with our faculty's expertise.

Below are examples of what the faculty can do for you in terms of information or partnership.


Examples of how the expertise at our faculty can help for each theme

           Farm to Fork

      farm to fork

Eliminating pollution

       eliminating pollution


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         Clean energy

           clean energy

Emerging technologies

                   emerging technologies

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