Stakeholdermeeting: The use of biomarkers in milk for dairy farming

Stakeholdermeeting 26/09

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On behalf of professor Veerle Fievez the faculty of bioscience engineering is organizing an exclusive stakeholder meeting for about 20 guests that is titled "The use of biomarkers in milk for dairy farming".

This meeting would take place on Monday afternoon the 26th of September at the Campus Coupure in Ghent and would be followed by the defense of Sasitorn Jorjong titled: "Milk fatty acids as biomarkers of negative energy balance in early lactating dairy cows".

Inspiring Meetings @UGent-FBW is a new concept at our faculty, whereby we want to engage in a dialogue with our stakeholders for a faster implementation of new innovations in agriculture, in this case in dairy farming.

In this meeting we will have three speakers to kick-start the discussion:

1.       a representative from industry: Dr. Daniel Lefebvre, general manager of Valacta (Canada),

2.       a representative from research: Prof. Veerle Fievez of the UGent Bio-engenieers,

3.       an advisor from the field: veterinarian Dr. Pieter Passchyn of Milk@vice.

So, both internal and external speakers, as the target group of the event are established representatives from industry, academia, farming and farming suppliers.

Confirmed stakeholders:

ABS, Aveve, BCZ-CBL, Boerenbond, Cargill, Crelan, Delaval, Delta Instruments, CRV, Inagro, MCC VLaanderen, Milk@vice, Qlip, UGent, Université Laval, Valacta, Veeteelt, ...


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