Organization chart Diversity and Inclusion

Committee Diversity and Inclusion

Knowledge, expertise, good practices and research results related to diversity & inclusion are exchanged in the university-wide Committee Diversity and Inclusion. The Committee has a policy advisory role and plays an active role in the exchange of information between the central services and faculties. The Committee meets every two months under the chairmanship of the Vice Rector. 

Network Diversity and InclusionIn 2021

Ghent University decided to reorganize the former Diversity and Gender Policy Unit within the Department of Educational Policy (DOWA) and the Department of Personnel and Organization (DPO). Subsequently, a diversity and gender coordinator was appointed and assigned to the office of the vice rector, together with one administrative assistant. The new Diversity & Inclusion network has a policy preparatory task and is responsible for the implementation of the diversity action plan 2019-2023. The Network meets monthly under the chairmanship of the coordinator. The composition of the network can be found here.

Faculty Diversity Teams

Each faculty has its own diversity team led by a faculty diversity coordinator (ZAP). The faculty diversity teams shape the diversity policy at the faculty level and provide input for the centrally managed diversity policy. Each team, composed of committed employees and students, determines which accents are placed, taking into account the faculty context. The faculty diversity coordinators are members of the university-wide Committee Diversity & Inclusion. You can contact the faculty diversity coordinators or the chairmen of the faculty diversity teams here.

University-wide policy choice

In 2019 the board of directors chose diversity as one of the six university-wide policy choices (UBK). Five faculties (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Law and Criminology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology and Educational Sciences and Medicine and Health Sciences) decided to work on diversity. These faculties formulated operational diversity objectives in their 2019-2022 faculty covenants concluded with the university board. For this purpose, an assignment holder was appointed who supports the faculties involved in concretising and realizing the challenges as stipulated in their covenants. The managers of the UBK diversity projects meet monthly under the chairmanship of the contract holder. The list of the UBK diversity managers and an overview of the most important actions can be found here.