Step 1: Choose your course programme

Which course programmes are available at Ghent University?

Ghent University is offering about 80 bachelor programmes on campuses in Ghent and Kortrijk. All bachelor programmes take 3 years (180 credits) and are instructed only in Dutch.

Ghent University is also offering about 140 master programmes. Some master programmes are instructed in Dutch, others are taught in English. Master programmes last for 1 up to 3 years (60 – 180 credits).

The study guide provides information on our programmes and gives you the opportunity to make a choice based on your interests and prior education.

Need advise to choose your programme?

Do you still have questions on our programmes or do you want to know which programme is most suitable for you?

Contact the Student Counselling Office:

Student counselling office

Campus Ufo, Ufo, 1st floor
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33
B-9000 Gent
+ 32 9 331 00 31


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