Housing for refugee students

Refugee students can apply for a room, studio or flat in one of the university halls of residence.

Room application as a (future) university student

As a (future) student (diplomacontract at least 27 credits), you can apply for a room in one of the university halls of residence.

Application: from 1st of March until 1st of May

Prices (in Dutch)


  • The rooms are assigned according to a priority list (in Dutch)
  • Students need to be under the age of 24
  • Registration of official address ('domicilie') is only possible in exceptional circumstances

Rooms for refugee students

Ghent University has a limited number of rooms available for refugee students who are not eligible for the regular application procedure for housing facilities (see above). The allocation of the rooms is due to specific conditions and availability.

More information and applications: refugee@ugent.be

More information on housing


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