Fair and circular ICT: transition plan 2020-2030

As a big consumer of ICT hardware, Ghent University can have a significant influence on ICT companies to make their production chain more sustainable. It can also reduce its own use of materials and the ecological footprint through a circular use of the required iCT. Read here the transition plan for fair and circular ICT.


With a policy on fair and circular ICT, Ghent university aims the following objectives:

  • New or renewed ICT agreements integrate the best available sustainability criteria. The power of Ghent University is used for more chain transparency in order to increase social and environmental sustainability in all phases of the procurement process.
  • Maximum extension of the current average lifetime, either through internal processes or in North-South cooperation.
  • All ICT material at Ghent University is mapped and recycled in the waste phase.
  • Ghent University wants to play a social role in making ICT more sustainable and is working on changing behavior among staff and students.

Strategic framework

To achieve the above objectives, an ambitious action plan is needed. This is built around 3 pillars:

  • sustainable procurement
  • lifetime extension
  • increasing the collection ratio and optimum recycling of e-waste
  • communication and reinforcement of the internal support

Actions and projects

Read here about what we already do and what is in the pipeline regarding fair and circular ICT.