Transition UGent

Who are we?

Transition UGent is a think tank of committed staff and students, experts and policy makers, dreamers and doers who are all convinced that Ghent University can play an important role in the field of sustainable development. The think tank serves as an open innovation network, in which you can join us in keeping the enthusiasm high, bring new actions and suggestions to the table and stay closely involved in Ghent University's sustainability policy.

'Transition UGent' writes transition plans (climate plan UGent) and monitors the progressSummerschool Klimaat workshop: Campus Sterre klimaatneutraal.

Last year we discovered once again how valuable the Transition UGent network is. Commissioned by the Board of Governors, we are working on a climate plan. For all relevant policy plans, ambitions are set, boundaries defined, and actions formulated. The results are monitored yearly by the Board of Governors and actions are adjusted where necessary. We work aruond CO2-reduction, climate adaptation, biodiversity and circularity. An incredible task, but we could count on many of you: from your expertise, from your engagement, from your experience in the job. It strengthens the message, the credibility, the support.

Meeting of Transition UGent on 12/10 from 12h-14h30Transitie UGent 2

We said it in the intro to our March meeting: 'More than ever, we need you and we need to make our voices heard. To show that we should at least keep what we already have. Please, no steps backwards. To show that we as UGent must take a pioneering role and to continue to show that it all needs to be even more punishing."

Bringing together expertise, commitment and policy in the think tank Transition UGent creates opportunities to transcend business as usual and work towards the necessary transitions. So we will continue to do so! We do prefer to postpone our annual summer edition. Unfortunately, for the first time in 11 years... There is still too much ambiguity and uncertainty.

But we will recharge in the coming months and look forward to seeing you again on 12/10 from 12h to 14h30. Make a note in your diary!

Want to help shape this meeting? Welcome on 8/9 at 12h in the Green Hub.

Your expertise and commitment is heartily welcome!

Do you want to join us? Come to one of our transition meetings! Send an email and

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