Green Hub

The Green Hub is a workplace and meeting space for activities around sustainability, linked to UGent.
Would you like to use this space? Then please read the terms of use below.


  • Only meetings/events with a sustainable character, organised by people or organizations with a link to UGent, can take place in the Green Hub. We reserve the right to refuse requests.
  • The maximum ending time of events is 10:30 pm.
  • If you wish to reserve the space for a meeting or event, please send a request at least three weeks in advance via
  • Send us the following information with the request:
    • Information about the event itself: the organizer, the type of event, the number of attendees, with or without catering, any specific needs. 
    • The name and the phone number of the person who will be present and in charge during the event.
    • The start time and end time of the event. Take the latter widely enough, because after that time, the security will otherwise intervene.
    • Whether or not the outside door should open automatically (via sensor) at a certain time. It is always possible to manually open and close the sliding door from inside with the green button.
    • Whether you need more than 50 chairs (+17 seating blocks).
    • Whether you need access to the wifi network.

A sustainable showcase

The Green Hub is both literally and figuratively a sustainable 'showcase' for the outside world. We expect every user to pay attention to this:

  • Events are organized as sustainably as possible, both in terms of content and materials. The Green Office can provide assistance here if needed.
  • The space is kept clean.
  • Waste production is avoided as much as possible and waste is sorted correctly.
  • Electrical appliances (such as beamer, printer, coffee machine, water boiler) are turned of after use and all lights are turned off when leaving the room.
  • Used cutlery and tableware will be washed in the kitchen of the UFO-building during the day. Dish soap and towels should be brought from the kitchen cabinet in the Green Hub. There is a cart in the Green hub and/or the UFO kitchen if needed. When using in the evening, please leave all the dirty dishes together next to the kitchen cabinet.

How do you reach the kitchen of the UFO?

  • Via the stairs:

Exit the Green Hub through the inner door (towards restrooms) and take the stairs to the ground floor. Walk to the middle of the foyer and take the stairs down to the left there (towards council chamber/ committee room). Once downstairs, turn right towards the restrooms. The kitchen is the last room in the corridor, just past the restrooms. 

  • With the elevator:

Exit the Green Hub through the inner door (towards the restrooms) and go through the glass door on the left in front of you. Go left and take the elevator in the corner to the ground floor (ground 0). Walk through the Foyer to the other end of the UFO and there take the right elevator to -1. The door to the kitchen is right across from the elevator (if closed: go right down the corridor, and take the first door around the corner).

A safe environment

The Green Hub is used by different people and groups. It is therefore very important to follow the agreements around safety carefully:

  • The Green Hub is a smoke-free space.
  • It is not allowed to cook or to light candles.
  • During the requested hours, the sliding doors of the Green Hub are open, and every passerby can enter. Therefore, someone must be present at all times. If you would nevertheless have to leave the Green Hub, you can contact Andy during work hours (09 264 42 49) or the Security department after work hours (09 264 71 25), so that the room can be closed remotely if possible.
  • It is important to always lock the inner door (towards the restrooms) before you leave.

A functional space

In the Green Hub, we work in confidence. We ask all users to be considerate of each other:

  • The Green Hub is primarily a work space. Therefore, during working hours, others may be present to work. Please be respectful of each other and make sure it remains pleasant for everyone.
  • The long work tables are soundproof areas where there is primarily worked.
  • Crafts, cooking,... are done at the non-striped tables.
  • You can relax with few decibels in the sitting area (in the couches). For a real chat and fun, go outside if others are present.
  • For long meetings with larger groups, keep in mind that there are others present in the room. For formal meetings during the day, it may sometimes be better to reserve a meeting room.

Equipment list

  • Two long tables (for 10 to 12 people), two square tables (for 6 people), 50 chairs and 17 seating blocks (less comfortable to sit on for long periods of time)
  • Small seating area with couches
  • Additional folding chairs can be found in the room next to the Green Hub (room 022, next to the restrooms). This room usually closes after working hours, so be sure to pick up the chairs before 5 pm. After use, please place the chairs back in the cart. If your event takes place in the evening, please request extra chairs in advance, so we can set up the cart for you in the Green Hub.
  • Beamer (VGA and HDMI connection)
  • Audio connection (via mini jack)
  • Microphone
  • Printer
  • Water dispenser still/sparkling and Senseo coffee machine
  • Microwave oven and water kettle
  • Cutlery (limited amount), tableware and reusable cups
  • A manual for using the beamer, audio, and microphone can be found in the audio-pillar.

Contact information

Green Hub is in the UFO-building (entrance on street level, at the large outdoor staircase (side of the Vooruit))

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33


  • For questions/problems that arise during your event and during the office hours, you can always talk to a regular user, or if needed, you can call 09 264 89 49 (Environment) or 09 264 82 06 (Femke).
  • For questions/problems during your event after office hours, you can call the Security departement: 09 264 88 88.
  • For problems regarding safety and logistic emergency situations (bv. electrical breakdown, flooding, blocked elevator, fire alarm), you can call 24u/24u to the UGent Security department via 09 264 88 88 (or number 88 on an internal telephone).