University of Toronto - Strategic Institutional Partnership


The Strategic Institutional Partnership (SIP) between Ghent University and the University of Toronto converges the research capacity and expertise at both institutions to explore and test interdisciplinary responses to global challenges. This partnership builds on the legitimacy that all partners evidenced by their research excellence and technical cooperation with the public and private sectors, and international organisations, including through World Health Organization Collaborating Centres housed at both institutions. This partnership leverages the complementary research strengths in the two academic communities to deliver a high-quality programme of research and offer sustained and high-impact scientific and real-world outcomes.

The SIP conceptualizes its work in three thematic areas that align with the University of Toronto’s Strategic Research Plan 2018-2023 and Ghent University’s Research Policy Plan 2017-2021:

  1. Health equity & impact,
  2. Citizenship & societies, and
  3. Sustainable systems.

Call for seed funding

There are no open calls for seed fundings at this moment. As soon as we launch a call, more information will be given on this website. If you have questions, you can contact

What do we do?

The SIP’s activities include but are not limited to:

  • Joint research collaborations, and joint publication of scientific papers and educational materials
  • Joint courses, graduate and post-doctoral fellows mobility
  • Exchange of faculty, trainees and staff
  • Participation in, and co-hosting of lectures, meetings, seminars, symposia and conferences
  • Exchange of knowledge
  • Joint application for funding for collaborative projects
  • Collaboration in other areas that foster research and educational cooperation


The SIP is a living partnership, therefore its membership may change and those changes may not immediately be reflected below.

From Ghent University:

  • Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences: Prof. Olivier Degomme, Prof. Sara Willems, Prof. Patrick Segers, Dr. Katrina Perehudoff, Dr. Pauline Boeckxstaens
  • Faculty of Engineering & Architecture: Prof. Lieven Eeckhout, Prof. Mark Saeys, Prof. Roel Baets
  • Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences: Prof. Ruben Vanderlinde, Prof. Bram De Wever, Prof. Daniele Marinazzo
  • Faculty of Law & Criminology: Prof. Georges Martyn
  • Faculty of Arts & Philosophy: Prof. Pierre Schoentjes, Prof. Andrew Bricker, Dr. Hannah Cornelus

From the University of Toronto:

  • Dalla Lana School of Public Health: Prof. Lisa Forman, Prof. Erica Di Ruggiero, Prof. Andrew Pinto, Dr. Katrina Perehudoff, Dr. Carolyn Steele Gray,
  • Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Tara Kieran, Prof. Nav Persaud
  • Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy: Prof. Jillian Kohler
  • Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering: Prof. Andreas Moshovos, Prof. Natalie Enright Jerger, Prof. David Steinman, Prof. Amr Helmy
  • Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry: Prof. Cathy Chin
  • Ontario Institute for Studies in Education: Prof. Jim Slotta
  • Faculty of Arts & Science: Prof. Barbara Havercroft, Prof. Pascal Riendeau and Prof. Pascal Michelucci
  • Faculty of Law: Prof. Simon Stern