2-4 Year Research Projects

Starting date

1 October 2023

Duration and funding

  • Funding can be requested for personnel, operating and/or equipment costs;
  • The project has a duration of minimum 2 years and maximum 4 years;
  • The funding depends on the duration of the project and amounts to max. € 110.000 (2 years) , max. € 165.000 (3 years) and maximum € 220.000 (4 years).

Who can apply?

  • The call is open to promoters who applied in 2021 and/ or in 2022 as a promoter spokesperson for a general FWO junior/senior  project. This also includes the Lead Agency Projects .
  • and who belong to one of the following categories at Ghent University:
    1. a member of the tenured academic staff (Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel) or
    2. a visiting professor with at least a research assignment or
    3. senior assistant, senior lector, assistant professor, associate professor, full professor or senior full professor within the integration framework at UGent who holds a PhD degree.
    4. Odysseus-II Grant holders. In view of the UGent overhead regulations, a ZAP member should be appointed for this group who is jointly responsible / budget holder

Who cannot apply:

  • Holders of Methusalem-funding.
  • Spokespersons and promoters of GOA projects with an end date after 31 December 2024;
  • Promoters of BOF Interdisciplinary Research Projects awarded in 2022 (starting date 1 October 2022);
  • Promoters of BOF 4 year Research Projects awarded in 2021 in the framework of a BOF 2-4 year Research Project (starting date 1 October 2021)

Additional conditions

  • The result of the FWO-application has no influence on the evaluation of the BOF application. This means that promoter-spokespersons of both awarded and non-awarded FWO projects can obtain a BOF 2-4 year research project.
  • In case FWO has declared an FWO application inadmissible due to a conflict of interests concerning the referees, this application can still be used as access to the call for 2-4 year projects
  • The same research plan cannot be granted by both FWO and BOF.  Only if FWO partially finances a project, one can apply for supplementary funding at BOF.
  • If a parallel application (FWO or other funding channel) is pending for the same research plan, the BOF project - if awarded - can only start after the result of the parallel application is known. If the parallel application is granted, the BOF funding will be cancelled in whole or in part. If the result of the parallel application is only known after 1 January 2024, this rule will no longer be applied.
  • Each promoter can submit one BOF application only. Even if that promoter is the promoter of several FWO applications, only one BOF application is permitted.

How to apply?

The project proposals must be submitted via the online application GISMO: https://gismo.ugent.be

  • Choose the module "Project" and "Create new application" 
What is displayed in the application module may differ considerably in form from what is shown in the exported Pdf-file. It is therefore recommended to visualise the application as a PDF file before submitting it and to check whether it complies with the requested layout guidelines.


7 March 2023, 17h 


Results will be published online as of 14 June 2023.


Research Department
Research Co-ordination Office - Special Research Fund

Call and application forms

Scientific report

Final report : within three months following upon the end of the grant a final scientific/scholarly report has to be sent electronically to . The promoter and co-promoter (if applicable) are included in this e-mail (either as sender, or in CC).