Why a Postdoc Community

Aims & Goals

We are an inclusive community for and by postdocs, where all are recognized, informed and empowered in their current and future career trajectories.

Our core objectives include:

  • Career development: creating awareness for and encouraging proactive career development

  • Community building: connecting postdocs within and beyond the workplace and providing a network for sharing experiences”

More information on the steering group and what we exactly do

The steering group committee is the driving force behind the postdoc community. Each faculty is represented by at least one postdoc (read more). The steering group meets every month, in which we plan our events and discuss the needs for postdocs, upcoming initiatives, and how we can best reach out to Ghent University postdocs.

We organize at least four thematic events per year. Each event aims at supporting you in your current and future academic or non-academic career and gives you the opportunity to network. 

Do you want to join?

Do you want to be a part of the steering group committee? Or would you like to be involved in another way? Talk to us at one of our events, or just drop us an email at: