Postdoc Talent Management

As a researcher, your job is an important part of your life. But your career does not just happen. And a career is no straight line.

Are you looking for help in managing your career? Ghent University offers a wide array of tailor-made professional development activities for its postdoctoral researchers.


Our vision

  • As a caring and committed employer Ghent University promotes a talent-driven HR policy. We believe this is a fertile ground to grow outstanding research, education, innovation and service to society.
  • We want to support postdocs in developing their talents and hence improve their career prospects, both within and outside academia.
  • We help postdocs in finding directions to steer their career
  • Take ownership and control of your career. No one else will!

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What we offer

The Postdoc Talent Management Program offers various learning approaches to work on your career. All workshops and activities are specifically designed for postdocs. You can pick what suits you best!

Ghent University Postdoc Community

Ghent University Postdoc Community is the inclusive community by and for all postdoctoral researchers.

PhD Career Hub

The PhD Career Hub is designed to support PhDs and postdoc researchers in preparing their next career step. It offers step-by-step directions to guide you in your journey, whether you're pursuing an academic career or a career beyond academia.

  • Discover your skills, talents, interests and values
  • Find out about careers, company cultures and how to look for a job
  • Develop skills
  • Apply for jobs




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