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Jun 01, 2023 00:00
GE33 - Vakgroep Fundamentele en Toegepaste Medische Wetenschappen
Type contract
Contract van bepaalde duur
Master of medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical sciences or veterinary sciences.
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Overig academisch personeel


The gut-liver immunopharmacology unit is seeking for a highly motivated PhD student for a (translational research) project focusing on the gut-liver axis. Chronic liver diseases are associated with impaired intestinal barrier function which contributes to disease progression. Within this project, you will be involved in further unraveling the interconnection between the liver and the gut with the ultimate goal of finding new therapeutic options. The project is embedded in the translational research focus of the team. You will make use of human samples, animal models and in vitro assays; techniques include (but not limited): qRT-PCR, ELISA, Western blot, luminex, flow cytometry and FACS.
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The candidate should have a strong interest in gut and liver diseases, good communication and writing skills (English), and should be able to work independently, as well as function as part of a team.


We offer a position for 1 year with the possibility of extension for 3-4 years in case of a positive FWO/BOF application. The candidate will have to apply for an FWO mandate in February 2024.

Please send your letter of motivation and curriculum vitae to Prof. Dr. Lindsey Devisscher: before June 1, 2023.