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Dec 09, 2021 00:00
TW17 - Vakgroep Toegepaste Fysica
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Contract van bepaalde duur
We are looking for candidates with an MSc degree in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, physics or applied physics
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Overig academisch personeel


The production of light olefins via steam cracking of hydrocarbons is the backbone of the chemical industry. Current technology is fully based on natural gas combustion and is responsible for a very high level of CO2 emission. The main objective of the project is to drastically reduce CO2 emissions of olefin production by replacing the combustion furnaces, responsible for 90% of the CO2 emissions of this process, with new non-thermal plasma catalytical reactor concepts. Next to substantial CO2 reduction the project will demonstrate an increase in valuable light olefin yields with the use of non-thermal pulsed plasma. By combining all experience and knowledge obtained throughout this project, a techno-economic analysis of the plasma technology and plasma-based plant will be performed to develop a roadmap to describe the transition of the project from basic research into an industrial applied technology.
The PhD position will mainly focus on engineering and studying high power short-pulsed plasmas by fast imaging methods, optical emission techniques and laser fluorescence spectroscopy. The student will work as a joint PhD student in close cooperation of two teams from Ghent University as well in cooperation with industry.
The Research Unit Plasma Technology (RUPT) has built up recognized expertise in the field of cold atmospheric pressure plasmas. The successful development of different plasma generation concepts has launched RUPT into numerous interdisciplinary collaborations exploring a wide range of applications in environmental technology and materials science. Natural gas reforming and green technology are considered strategic extensions for RUPT to explore new plasma physics. The different research tools, such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), atomic force microscope (AFM), plasma chambers, various power generators, optical imaging systems, laser platform and UV spectrometers are available at RUPT.


We are looking for candidates with an MSc degree in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, physics or applied physics. A good background in plasma physics, spectroscopy, or good experimental skills with optics and electronics are desirable. The PhD student will be able to gain experience in the areas of chemical engineering, plasma diagnostics, and plasma technology. The PhD student is required to demonstrate English language proficiency at the latest upon enrolment at level B2.
You will work for an interdisciplinary project on cutting edge of science; international team; very competitive scholarship; access to the state of the art equipment


Send your application (CV, motivation letter,...) to Dr. Karen Leus (