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19-09-2019 10:00 Sabbe, Shana Community sport and social cohesion: A social work perspective
20-09-2019 15:00 Grymonprez, Hans Reaching out to homeless individuals as a practice of accessibility: the question for the social in social work?
23-09-2019 10:00 Schelfhout, Stijn The influence of study interests and (non-)cognitive predictors on study choice and study achievement in Flemish higher education.
24-09-2019 10:00 Gheza, Davide Reward and motivational processes during performance monitoring: A psychophysiological approach
25-09-2019 10:00 Degryse, Jasper Beyond the p-value: Improving the balance between sensitivity and specificity for functional localization in fMRI data
30-09-2019 09:00 Blockmans, Inge Manoeuvres in the dark: Re-creating (new) stories about sexuality and the body within/by women with a spinal cord injury
30-09-2019 10:00 Van Vooren, Valerie Writing across the curriculum in Flanders
30-09-2019 16:00 Verhaeghe, Floor ‘We feel at home, but we do not feel welcome’: Integration processes in a multi- and intergenerational perspective
01-10-2019 16:00 Goossens, Cedric Gentrification comes to school: Social mix and the struggle against educational inequality
02-10-2019 11:00 Aerts, Hannelore Personalized models of brain structure, function and cognition for brain tumor treatment
04-10-2019 14:00 De Smet, Melissa Opening the black box of psychotherapy outcome: A mixed methods study on patients’ perspectives
08-10-2019 14:00 Heirweg, Sofie Measuring and promoting self-regulated learning of upper-primary school students: A study on the effectiveness of a school-wide teacher professional development program
10-10-2019 10:00 Rogiers, Amelie Illuminating text-learning in secondary education: Measuring and fostering strategy use and knowledge acquisition.