Forest strategy - Sustainable raw materials

How can our lab help you reach the Green Deal goals?

Research at UGent-Woodlab covers topics across the entire forestry-wood chain.

Specific research work on the living tree relates to linking wood formation and wood properties using tree-ring analysis and carbon accounting. Special attention goes to the methodology to measure the impact of climate change on the quantity and quality of wood produced by trees over their lifetime

UGent-Woodlab is also investigating options to increase the production of wood and integrate this into higher value products suitable to comply with future green building. Work with the lignocellulosic resource relates to international networking on planted forest as complementary resource option and more specifically on poplar plantations. Links towards the construction sector do not only cover wood based panels like plywood, but major research efforts are focusing on using fast grown wood species like poplar for CLT (Cross Laminated Timber).

About our lab

The Laboratory of Wood Technology (UGent-Woodlab) at Ghent University (UGent) has close to 50 years of experience in scientific and technological research on wood and maintains close contacts with all segments of the wood-processing industry. The main research activities of the team are very diverse and are situated in service life prediction, forest products and structure. Besides its expertise and knowledge of wood science, UGent-Woodlab disposes of a well-equipped infrastructure to carry out its activities often with strong focus on imaging e.g. using X-ray CT scanning, hyperspectral infrared scanning, etc. For more information have a look at  


Prof. Joris Van Acker