Biobased resource recovery

How can our lab help you reach the Green Deal goals?

ECOCHEM-C2C, the research group led by Prof. Erik Meers is dedicated to agro-industrial environmental chemistry and technology. It is involved in research on bioresource recovery and establishment of biogas as a new generation of biorefinery, aiming at recovering biobased mineral fertilizers

Based on extensive involvement in European project activities, the Biorefine Cluster Europe was founded, which interlinks projects within the field of nutrient and energy cycling, bio-energy and biorefinery to maximize their impact on resolving the challenges they face.

About our lab

ECOCHEM-C2C has broad experience in studying the chemical and biological behavior of nutrient and toxic elements in soil and sediment systems. It is well equipped for the analytical determination of chemical elements and their forms of occurrence in a variety of geological and biological materials, such as ICP-OES, ICP-MS, CN analyzer, TOC analyzer, IC analyzer, Microwave digester and other support laboratory equipment. It also offers a wide space for sample preparation and a separate room with lighted shelves and shakers for plant incubation and algal cultivation.​


Prof. Erik Meers