Step 3: Start up the admission procedure

You can be admitted to a bachelor or master programme after completing the admission procedure. Ghent University will assess your documents and decide upon admission. There is no specific admission procedure for refugees. The admission procedure applies to all international students.

How to apply?

The admission procedure consists of 2 parts. In the first part, the application is online. In the second part you will be required to send documents on paper. Do carefully follow the instructions by email.

When to apply?

You can start up the application as from 1st of October. You always apply for the next academic year (starting at the end of September). You cannot apply for a semester.

Remark there is a strict deadline: both the online application and on paper documents need to be submitted before 1st of June.

How long does it take?

The procedure takes 3 up to 4 months on average.

Can you apply for several course programmes?

You can apply for 2 programmes of your choice.

Do you need to legalise your diploma and transcripts?

For refugees, persons with subsidiary protection status and asylum seekers an exception on legalisation of documents can be made.

Start the application here


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