Student Support

Optimal Talent Development

With our student support services, we strive towards optimal talent development for all our students. Our support services are based on the following principles:

  • at Ghent University, we welcome any student with intrinsic capabilities, irrespective of their origin, social class, disability or (educational) track record;
  • at Ghent University, we adopt an emancipatory vision of the (prospective) student. We see students as active, independent, self-reliant and self-regulating individuals, whwith the right counselling and tools at their disposal, can and dare tmake choices;
  • at Ghent University, we apply the principle of equal treatment and the principle of second chance;
    • all students have an equal right toptimal talent development;
    • students with a less straightforward study career are given a second chance, taking intaccount certain binding requirements;
  • Ghent University guarantees the quality and uniformity of support and counselling through its vision on student counselling.

How Do We Support Students at Ghent University?

At Ghent University, we provide information, advice and counselling from the moment a secondary school pupil is looking for their way towards higher education up until the moment that student obtains a degree and leaves our university. In other words, we support incoming, returning and graduating students.


At Ghent University, we organize a range of orientation and preparation initiatives tsupport (prospective) students in choosing a study programme that suits their talents and ambitions:

  • the Study Guide
    This website contains the full range of study programmes organized at our university. It provides information about, among other things, programme content, course units, admission requirements, tuition fees, information days and possible continued education;
    This online study choice tool helps prospective students tfind a study programme that matches their personal interests and skills;
  • Various orientation and preparation initiatives
    By means of Open Lessons, Try-outs and information days, students can assess whether a study programme sufficiently matches their personal interests and profile. These initiatives are organized in close collaboration with the faculties and study programmes.

Intake and Study Progress

At Ghent University, we offer incoming and returning students optimal administrative support:

  • most students are able to enroll fully online using the self-service facilities in Oasis. All information and certificates are available online as well. If necessary, the Registrar’s Office can offer additional support;
  • behind the scenes, we are in touch with the relevant agencies about, among other things, the growth package (the new child benefit system), study credit, and scholarship status;
  • the Faculty Student Administration manages each student’s individual curriculum, and schedules teaching and assessment activities. When students pass course units, and ultimately complete their study programme, they receive credit certificates, a diploma, and an accompanying diploma supplement – most of these alsin digital form.

Study Progress

  • at Ghent University, we offer an extensive range of counselling and advice for all the phases of the study career. Depending on the type of question (about study approach, study-related or personal difficulties, studying with a disability, language counseling and advice, financial support, or matters related timproper behaviour), students can get in touch with specific staff members at our various offices and departments;
  • De specifieke begeleiding van de (eerstejaars)studenten gebeurt grotendeels op het niveau van de verschillende opleidingsonderdelen.
  • specific supervision of (first-year) students largely takes place at the level of the various course units;
  • every Ghent University faculty has a Tutorial Services Office. Student counselors and study track counselors join forces and set up initiatives thelp make studying a smoother and more efficient ‘business’. The offer differs from faculty tfaculty.

After Graduation

  • At Ghent University, we facilitate our students’ transition the professional field. The Student Career Hub prepares students for their future career and helps them in their search for their first job;
  • At Ghent University, our Academies for Lifelong Learning provide an extensive, high-quality range of non-initial study programmes aimed at specialization and lifelong learning . They often dsin collaboration with companies or professional organizations. These initiatives can include once-only initiatives, lectures, study days and short modules, but also more extensive programmes (of one or more years), as well as postgraduate programmes. After all, graduation does not put a stop on learning. In a fast-changing high-tech society, it is important tkeep refining one’s competencies.