Sustainable commuting plan

Gent University pursues an integrated mobility policy, whereby the campuses are easily accessible, traffic safety is increased and the environmental impact of travel by staff and students is reduced.

Strategic choices and objectives:

  • The use of sustainable transport modes for commuting has increased from 48% to 65% by 2020, for daily trips by students from 83% to 90%.
  • By 2020, every bicycling employee has a quality bicycle parking spot at max. 2 min and every car user has a parking spot at max. 15 min walking distance from the main entrance.
  • Every bicycling student will have a bicycle parking facility at max. 2 min walking distance from the main entrance by 2020.
  • By 2020, every commuter will have a public or collective transport stop at a maximum of 10 minutes' walking distance from the main entrance.
  • If there is a shortage of bicycle parking, priority will always be given to increasing the parking capacity for bicycles over parking spaces for cars. The footpath will be preserved in any case. The greenery that is lost will be compensated elsewhere.
  • In shaping the policy objectivFoles of the government, there is close and constructive cooperation with the City of Ghent, De Lijn and other partners involved in projects such as the creation of cycling axes and cycling streets, the separation of traffic flows, the sharing of parking space, campaigns on courtesy and traffic safety, etc.
  • By 2020, the number of accidents to and from work will be halved.

Action plan

These objectives will be achieved by focusing on the following points:

  • Mobility coordination
  • Mobility communication
  • Optimization of bicycle infrastructure
  • Optimization of service trips
  • Optimization of parking infrastructure
  • UGent experiments

Follow-up reports