What can you do as a staff member?

What is expected of you in terms of sustainability and the environment in your department? And where can you go with your suggestions and enthusiasm to do things more sustainably?


Comply with the legal environmental obligations

The work in the offices, the laboratories, the workshops, etc., has an impact on the environment. On this site, you will find all kinds of procedures concerning permits, working with hazardous substances, waste collection, biosafety, etc.


Follow the guidelines of our sustainability policy

The sustainability policy contains many measures that the organisation must implement. But just as many things that departments and staff members must do their bit.

campus1Get inspired by the sustainability pact

The Sustainability Pact highlights some of the sustainability actions taken by departments. Perhaps they can inspire you too? Or perhaps you are doing something clever in your department and you would like to share it with others?

Transitie UGent 3

Join the think tank Transition UGent

The think tank is an open renewal network, in which we propose new actions and policy proposals together and thus put some pressure on the sustainability policy in a constructive way.

Environmental and sustainability committee in the faculties

Most faculties have an active environmental and sustainability committee, where information is disseminated, new actions are initiated, etc. Feel free to contact the chairman for more information.



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