Green Office Gent

The role of Green Office Ghent

Since 2015, Ghent University has had a Green Office, where students and staff are jointly responsible for the implementation and management of the sustainability policy within the institution. Meanwhile, the Green Office Movement has more than 45 members in Europe!

As a spider in the sustainable web, the Green Office takes on the following tasks, among others:

  • Initiate and coordinate sustainability projects.
  • Set up experiments.
  • Connecting committed students and staff within the Green Community.
  • Encouraging and supporting colleagues, volunteers and policy makers who want to work in a sustainable way.
  • Providing literal and figurative meeting spaces around sustainable initiatives.
  • Acting as the central point of contact for sustainability at Ghent University.
  • Monitoring the progress of the sustainability policy.

The core team of the Green Office

The Green Office is a learning environment for young, committed students. Within the core team, Green Officers are given the opportunity to take on sustainable engagement and develop their talents. They receive remuneration for their efforts and responsibility. The Green Officers are ready to assist any student or colleague with an idea or need.

  • Kobe Tilley: Sustainights, help with Green Office coordination
  • Emma Moerman: Education Survey
  • Lena Bulckaert: Sustainability Pact
  • Emmie Dierickx: Reading Club, COY (local conferences of youth)
  • Johannes Spaas: Raretimeskabinet, COY (local conferences of youth)
  • Robbe Lamers: Greening projects
  • Katoo Vael: FutureProef (sustainable theses)
  • Niko Vandebos: Social media, PR & stories
  • Elien Goethals: Social media, PR & stories
  • Bram Muylaert: Sustainable Student Associations
  • Michelle Geerardyn: Food policy, Green Deal Protein Transition, Sustainable catering, Community kitchens
  • Femke Lootens: Green Office Coordinator, coach
  • Riet Van de Velde: coach
  • Wim De Witte: communication, coach
  • Andy Deprez: logistic support

What can you do?

Do you want to help monitor our projects, actions, campaigns, etc.? Follow up on our projects, actions, campaigns, etc.? Or make a difference yourself? Within the Green Community everyone can get to work at their own pace to learn more, take action, help with events, work out projects, etc.