What is Ghent University doing to preserve and reinforce the existing greenery and biodiversity? What happens on your campus? What research is going on? And how can you get started?

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Biodiversity policy

Ghent University wants to preserve and strengthen the greenery and biodiversity present on its sites, and use greenery and biodiversity as a fully-fledged guiding principle in policy decisions.


Green and biodiversity at the campus

An ecological green management plan for each campus will determine the management for each zone. In addition, plans will be developed to break up superfluous paving and make it greener.


Education and research

Ghent University has many experts who work on biodiversity and green management. Together with them, we give substance to the objectives that have been formulated in the field of green space and biodiversity.


Do you want more?

Do you see opportunities to make greenery more valuable? Or to transform superfluous paving into greenery? Maybe we can help? Or would you like some inspiration?

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More information:  

Working group biodiversity: Kris Verheyen

Green manager: Jan De Doncker