Sustainable commuting and service transport

What is Ghent University doing to accelerate the shift towards sustainable mobility? What happens on your campus? And how can you get started yourself?


Mobility plan

Ghent University pursues an integrated mobility policy, making the campuses easily accessible, increasing traffic safety and reducing the environmental impact of staff and student travel.


What moves you?

Cycling or taking the train instead of the car? It is your choice. But we hope we can convince you to leave the car behind as often as possible. For the environment, for your health, for your convenience...

Mobiele fietshersteldienst

  • Commuting

    Commuting includes travelling from home to work by bicycle, public transport and/or car. Here you will find the possibilities per means of transport.


Service transport

For service transport (so no commuting) in the Ghent area or to other cities in Belgium, you will find the possibilities here. For international travel, please visit the website sustainable travel.

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