What is Ghent University doing to reduce energy consumption and move away from fossil energy? What can you do at the office or in the lab? How can you get started?

Energy Campaign 2022: measures to cope with rising energy prices

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Energy policy

Ghent University wants to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption and build and renovate fossil-free. This means working on more space and energy efficiency and switching to green energy.


Energy transition at your campus

We opt for fossil free construction and renovation, work on energy transition studies per campus that indicate the direction for the coming years and invest in green energy.

  • Which buildings are already (mostly) fossil-free? And which are almost fossil-neutral? > iGent, resto Diergeneeskunde, Dunant 1, Technicum blok I and part of blok II
  • Where are the solar panels?
  • Where are energy transition studies underway? For campus Sterre, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, UZGent, Kortijk, Oostende 


Energy reduction at your office

Be smart with energy and don't waste it. Be the energy ambassador, the sustainability leader, the enthusiast, ... within your group and motivate others!

  • Use the thermostatic valve in a good way: mode 3 is enough. if you ventilate the room, switch off the thermostatic valve.
  • Close windows and doors in cold periods.
  • Switch off lights when nobody is in.
  • Share the dish washer, the fridge, the coffee machine, the multifunctional, ...
  • Use sensibilisation tools


Energy reduction at your lab

Laboratories consume a lot of energy: the fume hoods, lab appliances, ultrafreezers, autoclaves, climate rooms, compressed air, etc. Be aware of this and follow the guidelines.

  • Choose for energy-efficient appliances.
  • Switch off appliances after use; ask a timer at
  • Report the purchase of appliances with a consumption of more than 10 kW and request advice at
  • Report defects or (expected) excessive consumption at (costs can be charged to the department).
  • Follow the guidelines for an ultrafreezer.


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