Fossil divestment

Companies that explore for, extract, refine and transport coal, oil and gas and generate electricity based on fossil fuels should no longer be included in the UGent investment portfolio. Do you want to follow this example?


Policy fossil divestment

Ghent University wrote its own framework for its investment portfolio, which excludes investments in fossil energy companies and companies with a high C02 footprint. In addition, it asks to include companies that are involved in renewable energy sources and the circular economy.

Move your money

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There is a lot of money in the world. We can activate it for the benefit of people and planet. But today, behind the scenes, a handful of shareholders determine the rules of the game: to make a quick profit, they sacrifice everything else. Things can be different: more honest, more transparent and more democratic. Inform yourself and invest your money (and it doesn't have to be millions) and funds that support the transition.

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