Regional Platforms

The regional platforms bring together all relevant expertise at Ghent University concerning a certain region of focus. They offer support, facilities and advice to Ghent University community to expand existing or set up new forms of cooperation.

Regional Platforms map


In the framework of its policy regarding strategic international cooperation, Ghent University continues to invest in supporting cooperation with specific geographical regions or countries which show a growth potential and require an institutional approach.


From an interfaculty perspective the platforms offer services in the broadest sense to the Ghent University community.

  • They support the development of new initiatives in mobility and new forms of cooperation.
  • They bring together the in-house academic and administrative expertise and look for synergies with external know-how.
  • They strive for impact in the region and on the external policy towards this region.
  • Furthermore, the regional platforms promote the expertise and activities of Ghent University toward the region of focus, thus contributing to the international Ghent University brand.

The regional platforms are a policy tool for the faculties and their resp. internationalisation agenda. Each of the faculties is represented in the platform steering group. 

Regional Platforms