ERC grant holders

At the end of Horizon 2020, 86 grantees at Ghent University have been awarded ERC funding, which amounts up to about 170 million euro. This ranks Ghent University at place 30 of the European top Host Institutions.
Many of them are young researchers who could build or consolidate their own research team with this funding.

Are you considering to apply for an ERC grant and want to discuss how to make your application more competitive? The EU team is there to help you with drafting and submitting your application and providing you a Host Institution support letter.

Since 2007, the ERC supports the best researchers from all over the world with a 5-year research project which can be conducted at one of Europe's many outstanding universities and research institutions. In May 2021, the ERC celebrates having awarded 10000 grantees providing a groundbreaking contribution to science.


Starting Grants

Principal Investigator
ERC panel
Acronym Title
Shola Adenekan SH5 YORUBAPRINT The Yoruba Print Culture: Networks and Modernities, 1852- Present
Maaheen Ahmed SH5 COMICS Children in Comics: An Intercultural History from 1865 to Today
Klaas Bentein SH5 EVWRIT Everyday Writing in Graeco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt (I - VIII AD). A Socio-Semiotic
Study of Communicative Variation
Senne Braem SH4 CoCoFlex What makes us cognitively flexible? A new learning perspective
Frederik Buylaert SH6 STATE Lordship and the Rise of States in Western Europe, 1300-1600
Marco Caracciolo SH5 NARMESH Narrating the Mesh: Ecology and the Non-Human in Contemporary Fiction and Oral  Storytelling.
Alberto Gonzalez Curto PE7 CHANSON
Chiral semiconductor nanophotonics for ultraresolved molecular sensing
Marthe De Boevre
LS9 HuMyco Investigating the Human Mycobolome through Uniting Large-scale Epidemiological and Mechanistic Poly-omic Designs
Inge De Clercq (VIB)
LS3 COSI Understanding organelle communication through contact sites in plant stress responses
Katrien De Graeve SH3 LiLI Later Life Intimacy: Women's Unruly Practices, Spaces and Representations
Ilse De Looze PE9 DustOrigin The origin of cosmic dust in galaxies
Bert De Rybel (VIB) LS3 TORPEDO Understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling the orientation of plant cell divisions
Ilse Derluyn SH3 CHILDMOVE On the Move: The impact of flight experiences on the psychological wellbeing of unaccompanied refugee minors
Pieter De Frenne LS9 FORMICA Microclimatic buffering of
plant responses to macroclimate warming in temperate forests
Tine Destrooper SH2 VictPart Righting Victim Participation in Transitional Justice
Matteo Giletta SH3 Outside-In How Bullying in Adolescence Gets Into The Mind and Under the Skin
Jutho Haegeman PE2 ERQUAF Entanglement and Renormalisation for Quantum Fields
Anna M. Kaczmarek PE5 NORTH NanOthermomteRs for THeranostics
Ruth Krebs SH4 REMOTIVATE Reward revisited: Towards a comprehensive understanding of motivational influences on human cognition
Bart Kuyken PE7 ELECTRIC Chip Scale Electrically Powered Optical Frequency Combs
Heidi Mertes LS7+SH5 DIME Disruptive Innovation in healthcare requires disruptive innovation in Medical Ethics
Diego Miralles PE10 DRY-2-DRY Do droughts self-propagate and self-intensify?
Iwan Moreels PE5 PHOCONA Photonics in Flatland: Band Structure Engineering of 2D Excitons in Fluorescent Colloidal
Griet Neukermans PE10 CarbOcean An integrative approach to unravel the ocean's biological carbon pump
Moritz Nowack (VIB) LS3 ProCellDeath Unraveling the regulatory network of developmental programmed cell death in plants
Charlotte Scott LS6 MyeFattyLiver Unravelling the heterogeneity and functions of hepatic myeloid cells in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Petra Van Damme LS2 PROPHECY Translational control in infection biology: riboproteogenomics of bacterial pathogens
Mariek Vanden Abeele SH3 DISCONNECT Digital Wellbeing in a Culture of Ubiquitous Connectivity: Towards a Dynamic Pathway Model
Nele Vandersickel LS7 SMARTHEART Directed networks as a novel approach for improving the management of cardiac arrhythmias
Katrien Van Poeck SH3 LESTRA Transactional investigations of learning in view of sustainability transitions
Marianne Van Remoortel SH5 WECHANGED Agents of Change: Women Editors and Socio-Cultural Transformation in Europe (1710-1920)
Pieter Van Vlierberghe LS4 EPITALL Dynamic interplay between DNA methylation, histone modifications and super enhancer activity in normal T cells and during malignant T cell transformation
Hans Verbeeck LS9 TREECLIMBERS Modelling lianas as key drivers of tropical forest responses to climate change
Sarah Verhulst PE7 ROBSPEAR Robust Speech Encoding in Impaired Hearing

Consolidator Grants

Principal Investigator
ERC panel
Acronym Title
Felicitas Becker SH6 ASEA The aftermath of slavery in East Africa
Wim Bogaerts PE7 PhotonICSWARM Photonic Integrated Circuits using Scattered Waveguide elements in an Adaptive,
Reconfigurable Mesh
Koen Bostoen SH6 BANTUFIRST The First Bantu Speakers South of the Rainforest: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Human
Migration, Language Spread, Climate Change and Early Farming in Late Holocene Central
Kevin Braeckmans LS7 NANOBUBBLE Laser-induced vapour nanobubbles for intracellular delivery of nanomaterials and treatment of biofilm infections
Kristof Cools PE7 BET3D March-on-in-Time: Boundary Element Time-Domain Domain Decomposition Methods
Andrea Cuomo
SH5 MELA The MEaning of LAnguage. A digital grammar of the Greek taught at schools in Late Constantinople
Bruno De Geest LS7 ImmunoBioSynth Synergistic engineering of anti-tumor immunity by synthetic biomaterials
Koen De Temmerman SH5 NovelEchoes Novel Echoes. Ancient Novelistic Receptions and Concepts of Fiction in Late Antique and Medieval Secular Narrative from East to West
Martin Guilliams (VIB) LS6 KupfferCellNiche Determining the instructive tissue signals and the master transcription factors driving Kupffer cell differentiation
Sophie Janssens LS3 DC-RIDDLE A novel physiological role for IRE1 and RIDD..., maintaining the balance between tolerance and immunity?
Mo Lamkanfi (VIB) LS3 PyroPop Mechanisms and regulation of inflammasome-associated programmed cell death
Marianne Maeckelbergh PS05 PaDC Property and Democratic Citizenship: The Impact of Moral Assumptions, Policy Regulations, and Market Mechanisms on Experiences of Eviction
Koen Raemdonck LS7 RESPIRNA REpurposing lung Surfactant Protein B for Inhalation therapy with RNA therapeutics
Daniël Van Damme (VIB) LS3 T-Rex Clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants: mechanistic insight into the TPLATE REcycling compleX and its interplay with AP-2
Arjen van der Wel PE9 LEGA-C The Physics of Galaxies 7 Gyr Ago
Kevin Van Geem PE8 OPTIMA PrOcess intensification and innovation in olefin ProducTIon by Multiscale Analysis and design
Thomas Van Leeuwen LS9 POLYADAPT Molecular-genetic mechanisms of extreme adaptation in a polyphagous agricultural pest
Jo Van Steenbergen SH6 MMS-II The Mamlukisation of the Mamluk Sultanate II: historiography, political order and state formation in fifteenth-century Egypt and Syria
Veronique Van Speybroeck PE4 DYNPOR First principle molecular dynamics simulations for complex chemical transformations in nanoporous materials
Frederick Verbruggen SH4 Ctrl-ImpAct Control of impulsive action
Frank Verstraete PE2 QUTE Quantum Tensor Networks and Entanglement

Advanced Grants

Principal Investigator
ERC Panel
Acronym Title
Wout Boerjan (VIB) LS9 POPMET Large-scale identification of secondary metabolites, metabolic pathways and their genes in the model tree poplar
Marie-Benedicte Dembour SH2 DISSECT Evidence in International Human Rights Adjudication
Piet Demeester PE7 ATTO A new concept for ultra-high capacity wireless networks
Geert De Schutter PE8 SmartCast Smart casting of concrete structures by active control of rheology
Filip Du Prez WE07
CiMaC Circular Thermoset Materials:
How to exploit Precision Engineered Macromolecules
in their Bottom-up Design?
Lieven Eeckhout PE6 LoadSliceCore Load Slice Core: A Power and Cost-Efficient Microarchitecture for the Future
Clay Holroyd SH4 See-ACC

Cracking the Anterior Cingulate Code: Toward a Unified Theory of ACC Function


A novel breeding strategy using multiplex genome editing in maize


Role of protein crystallization in type 2 immunity and asthma

Kodi Ravichandran (VIB) LS3 Sperm-Egg Phusion

Unexpected connections between a phagocytic machinery and mammalian fertilization

Nico Van de Weghe SH6

The Structure and Impact of Trans-Pacific Trade, 16th to 18th Centuries: The Manila Galleon Trade Beyond Silver and Silks

(KULeuven is the host institution for this ERC and the principal investigator is Angela Schottenhammer)


Replaying the 'genome duplication' tape of life: the importance of polyploidy for adaptation in a changing environment

Dries Van Thourhout

Nano-Ridge Engineering for Densely Integrated III-V Lasers Directly Grown on Silicon

Proof of Concept

Principal Investigator
ERC Panel
Acronym Title
Roel Baets PE MIRASPEC Miniature on-chip Raman spectrometer for personal volatile organic compound (VOC) monitoring
Kevin Braeckmans
LS INTRACYTE Exploring the market potential of photoporation as the next generation of intracellular delivery technology for the R&D and cell therapy markets
Tijl De Bie
PE FEAST Fair, Effective, and Sustainable Talent Management using Conditional Network Embedding
Piet Demeester PE BI-SDMof Bit-interleaved sigma-delta modulation over fiber
Lieven Eeckhout PE FSC Forward Slice Core
Lieven Eeckhout PE Sniper-ARM High-Speed Architectural Simulation of ARM-based Systems
Mo Lamkanfi (VIB) LS FMF-Dia Immunological Diagnosis of Familial Mediterranean Fever
Guy Marin PE GSVRotor Development of the Gas-Solid Vortex-Rotor Reactor
Günther Roelkens PE FireSpec Integrated spectroscopic sensors for the risk assessment of fires
Jan Tavernier (VIB) LS AcTafactors Tumor Necrosis Factor-based immuno-cytokines with superior therapeutic indexes
Joris Thybaut PE ELR1K Enhancing Large-scale chemical Reactions based on Elementary Kinetics
Joris Thybaut PE PR1ME
First principles based process concepts for complex mixtures conversion
Joris Thybaut PE SERENiTi Software Enhanced Research iN Transient kinetics
Dries Van Thourhout PE INTERDOT INTERconnects enhanced by colloidal qDOT based optical amplifiers
Kris Verheyen LS UnderSCORE

A web-based Decision Support System to score forest understorey dynamics in response to management interventions in a changing world

Sarah Verhulst
LS CochSyn

A diagnostic test for cochlear synaptopathy in humans