Research Equipment

Through this call Ghent University supports once every three years the purchase of basic research equipment with a maximum value of 150.000 euro (VAT incl.). Especially for the alpha-faculties, the call also provides the opportunity to purchase or implement large databases, such as commercial databases, data collections obtained through surveys or panel studies.

Who can apply?

Proposals for the purchase of equipment should be related to the activities of the research group in question. The importance of the research equipment should be demonstrated by referring to the group’s research activities and scientific output, and to the relevant funding that the researchers have acquired in the recent past.

The proposals must be submitted by a promoter who is, at the moment of the deadline, associated with Ghent University either as:

  • a member of the tenured academic staff (Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel - ZAP)
  • a visiting professor with (at least) a research assignment
  • ·a senior assistant, senior lector, assistant professor, associate professor, full professor or senior full professor within the integration framework at UGent who holds a PhD degree

How to apply?

  • Applications must be submitted on the application form (see below).
  • Applications can be submitted either in Dutch or English.

Evaluation criteria

Whilst assessing the applications, following criteria will be taken into account:

  • the scientific level of the (co)promoter(s),

  • the qualitative scientific basis of the application,

  • the relevance of the requested basic research equipment within the context and strategy of the research group at Ghent University. This includes the following conditions:

  1. the basic character of the requested research equipment: is the equipment essential for a research group to realize output?

  2. the added value of the basic research equipment for Ghent University: efficiency, wide availability of the equipment for other researchers, etc..

  3. the use of the basic research equipment for research/education/academic services: the purchased equipment has to be used mainly for research purposes and, to a lesser extent, in the context of teaching assignments or academic services.


  •  A maximum value of 150.000 euro (VAT incl.).
  • The actual purchase after allocation must be in accordance with the applicable regulations.


  • 8 February 2018 - 23.59 pm (Belgian time)


More information?

Scientific report