Exchange PhD Students

Students who are visiting Ghent University to perform research in the context of their PhD (for which they are enrolled at another university) and who are defending their PhD at their home institute and not (also) at UGent are administratively called “exchange PhD-students" or visiting students.

COVID-19 measures in Belgium and at UGent

Read this important information regarding quarantine for international students coming to Ghent University!

How to enroll as an exchange PhD student

Ghent University welcomes all exchange PhD students who come to our University in order to conduct part of their research in the framework of their PhD. A bilateral agreement between your home institution and Ghent University in your field of study is not necessary but optional.

However, if you want to follow courses as an exchange PhD student, an agreement between your home institution and Ghent University is obligatory.

All applications need the explicit commitment of a Ghent University professor who will act as your research  supervisor.  So the first step is to approach a professor within your research area and discuss the possibilities. Once you have found a professor who is willing to act as your host you can apply.


Applications in the framework of PhD studies and research stays should be submitted at least two months prior to arrival. For students who need a visa to travel to Belgium it is advised to submit the application at least 3 months in advance.

Exchange Application

The exchange application consist of two steps

  • First you need to create a Ghent University account and register via the Oasis website
  • Next step is to select the correct academic year of your exchange and choose the correct semester in which your exchange period would fall. Click on the link ‘Exchange’ under ‘Curriculum’.

You will have to upload some documents

 For the learning agreement, you can choose the template ‘other exchanges – traineeships’ and make some adjustments on this form accordingly (for example: you can write about your research). Most important is that your personal details are filled in and that this document is signed by yourself and your home institution and your contact person from UGent. Please make sure the Learning Agreement is completely filled in and signed, dated and stamped where necessary!

Language skills

Your knowledge of Dutch and English. Please consult the language requirements in order to prepare the correct English language certificate.

Once you have submitted your application in ‘My Oasis’, please contact (or ask your host) the FCI-administrator of your guest faculty so that he/she can approve your file.

Contact details of your FCI-administrator.

Approval Procedure

The approval procedure can take several weeks.

Please keep in mind that upon arrival in Ghent you need to visit the registrar’s office to register as an exchange student. At this moment you will also receive your student card and account.




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