Day of Science 28 November 2021

(24-09-2021) The Chair on Dairy Research asked several questions to the general public in last year’s edition of the Day of Science (hyperlink), and this year we are back to provide a more in-depth explanation to some of these questions!

Day of Science

The Day of Science is a digital platform and can be easily accessed from your computer at home.

Through this platform, people can interact in many activities provided by scientists from Flemish universities and colleges, scientific institutions and associations, musea, companies or federations. To summarize, it is an excellent opportunity to learn about the different aspects of science!

Chair on Dairy Research

We prepared two 3-minute video’s to showcase a brief but concise explanation on the following questions:

    • What is the best cheese to sprinkle on top of a pizza?
    • Why does milk have a white color?


Do you know the answers to the above questions or are you motivated to know the answer?

Click here and confirm for yourself!