Milcobel endowed Chair on Dairy Research


Milcobel establishes itself as the largest dairy cooperative in Belgium with over 2600 dairy farmer members and an annual turn-over of 1.8 billion litres of milk. To accommodate such milk volumes, the milk is transported to different facilities where it is transformed into quality drinks, butter, cream, powders, ice cream, consumer cheese and industrial cheese.


Milcobel and Ghent University joined hands and founded the Milcobel Endowed Chair on Dairy Research (2019). We strive to gain further insights in the behavior of milk proteins to broaden their current and future applications in the dairy sector. As such, this chair promotes fundamental academic research which forms a solid basis for product and process innovations in the dairy industry.


  • Perform fundamental research in the field of dairy
  • Discover new insights in the functionality of milk proteins
  • Map interactions between milk proteins and components in milk, dairy products and food applications
  • Establish a knowledge-sharing platform
  • Promote the field of dairy to future generation scientists

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