Installment of a new low-resolution H-NMR unit

(09-09-2021) A new low-resolution H-NMR unit is installed at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering.

Time domain (TD)-NMR with gradient amplifier

A benchtop TD-NMR analyzer is a non-destructive, non-invasive technique that utilizes magnetization and relaxation to provide information about the different protons in a sample. There are many possible applications such as the determination of solid fat content (SFC), chemical composition, bound water, etc. The addition of a gradient amplifier module allows us to also perform diffusion measurements. The temperature during analysis can be controlled between -20.0 and 90.0 °C.


Possible analysis consist of the sizing of water droplets in butter, determining the SFC of butter samples, monitoring the amount of bound water in cheese or measuring changes in physicochemical properties of milk during coagulation and syneresis.


Figure 1: Example of the calculated volume weighed droplet size distribution of a butter sample.

Contact persons:

  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Paul Van der Meeren
  • Ir. Ferre Rebry