Milcobel Chair on Dairy Research at Day of Science

(06-11-2020) The Chair on Dairy Research introduces part of their research in a short tour-guided movie.

Day of Science

The Day of Science is a digital platform and can be easily accessed from your computer at home.
Through this platform, people can interact in many activities provided by scientists from Flemish universities and colleges, scientific institutions and associations, musea, companies or federations. To summarize, it is an excellent opportunity to learn about different aspects of science!

Chair on Dairy Research

The Chair on Dairy Research participates in the form of a guided-tour movie.

In this movie we test the general public on their knowledge on milk and pizza cheese.


  • “What kind of cheese do we sprinkle on top of a pizza?”
  • “Is every cheese type used as pizza cheese?”
  • “Where is pizza cheese made?”
  • “We know that milk is white but do we know WHY it is white?”
  • “How can research on milk proteins contribute to improving the stretch of pizza cheese?”


And this is just part of the research that is being conducted in the Chair on Dairy Research…