Milcobel Chair on Dairy Research acquires Rheolaser Master

(15-09-2020) Protein behavior during technological processing is an important aspect in our research. This behavior can be monitored by the Rheolaser Master, which employs diffusing wave spectroscopy technology.

The Chair on Dairy Research has acquired a Rheolaser Master to investigate the rheological properties, such as changes in viscosity and liquid-gel transitions, in a wide range of samples. The instrument is currently in use to monitor the behavior of milk proteins in milk emulsions.





What?Rheolaser Graph

The Rheolaser master is a non-destructive, optical rheology analyzer that employs diffusing wave spectroscopy technology. It can perform dynamic measurements of rheological properties in up to six samples simultaneously without the need for pre-treatments. Temperature control is accurate ± 0.1 °C from room temperature to 90.0 °C. Evaporation is ruled out since closed glass cells are used. Automatic gel point determination is incorporated in the software.



The Rheolaser Master can be used to:

  • Monitor the acid-induced or enzymatic gelation of milk
  • Examine the heat-induced coagulation of emulsions
  • Evaluate the extent of rheological ageing during storage