12th NIZO Dairy Conference

(20-09-2021) The Chair of Dairy Research presents two posters at the 12th NIZO Dairy Conference.

12th NIZO Dairy Conference

The 12th NIZO Dairy Conference invites scientists to share their latest findings on innovations in dairy ingredients.

The conference emphasizes the following aspects of dairy ingredient functionality:

  • Protein and peptide functionality
  • Ingredient manufacture and properties
  • Product, structure and stability
  • Nutrition, digestion and health
  • Fractionation, purification and production of dairy ingredients
  • Healthy minor components

Chair on Dairy Research

In this year’s edition, Ir. Teng Wang and Ir. Chak Ming To will each pitch a poster presentation highlighting their findings on the

  • Effect of acidification on the structural integrity of casein micelles in bovine milk
  • Effects of reducing milk pH by CO2 injection or addition of lactic acid on the biochemical and functional properties of low-moisture part-skim Mozzarella

Each presentation lasts approximately 3 minutes and is presented in a digital format.


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