Debat 'Causerie with Professor Stephen Skinner and Damian Bączkiewicz'

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Privépersonen , Studenten
29-05-2024 van 10:00 tot 12:00
Local 8.2 Non bis in idem, Campus Aula, 9000 Ghent
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Ghent Institute of Legal History - Faculty of Law and Criminology

Causerie welcoming interventions from Professor Stephen Skinner (University of Exeter) and Damian Bączkiewicz (University of Gdansk/Ghent University)

Professor Skinner will present his ongoing research, under the title Italian Fascist Special Tribunal for the Defence of the State and its judgments on subversive crimes, 1927-1928.

Damian Bączkiewicz will present his research under the co-supervision of Prof Dirk Heirbaut and Prof Anna Klimaszewska.