Symposium 'Science for Health: AI, Data & Digitalization'

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Alumni , Bedrijven , Journalisten , Medewerkers
12-11-2024 van 08:30 tot 18:30
SQUARE Brussels, Mont Des Arts, 1000 Brussels
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Department of Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling - Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Science for health, where biology meets technology! This year's edition focuses on AI, Data & Digitalization, organised by MEDVIA and BioWin.

We’ll examine how these tools can accelerate innovation in Drug Discovery & Development and Prevention & Diagnostics. With world-class speakers, international case studies, and a collaborative round table, we’ll discuss how AI, Data & Digitalization can help revolutionizing the healthcare of today and tomorrow.

Science for health brings together academics, industry leaders and policymakers to promote out-of-the-box thinking, tackle complex challenges, and spark new research collaborations.

Every past edition has been sold out, with over 300 people uniting to form connections in Belgium and beyond. These collaborations help shape the future of healthcare, tackling current challenges and building a brighter future for all!