What can you do as a student?

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Green Community

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at the Green Office or becoming active in one of the sustainable student organizations? Send an e-mail to duurzaam@ugent.be.


With info- and discussion moments, workshops, and with several cool sustainability actions where we as students can take the 'lead' and with which we can make a difference on an academic year. Everyone welcome Tuesday night at the Sustainights!

Sharing platform for study books and materials

Before you buy piles of new books, do you take a look at our sharing platform? And maybe you also have study books or study materials on offer?

Because we strive for reuse and closed cycles!

Sustainable on Erasmus

Want to make your Erasmus exchange a sustainable experience? We provide mobility tips and tips on how to live sustainably in your host country?

Be sure to take a look at Green Erasmus: sustainable travel tips.

Transition UGent

Transition UGent is an open innovation network of over 200 knowledge workers, policy makers, dreamers and doers from all walks of life. The group bundles engagement and expertise and tries to make the systemic changes that are needed for the transition to a more sustainable university discussable and visible with a memorandum, small-scale experiments, actions, ...

Sustainable educational activities

Summerschools, courses, sustainable thesis topics and more: you can find it all on our sustainable education page.

The awards

The Future Proef Award is an excellence award for the student who has focused on a social-ecological sustainability issue in their thesis, and approached it from different perspectives. Do you think your thesis qualifies? Then don't forget to send it in before the second week of October!

In addition, every year we hand out the 'De Groene Ruijter award' for the greatest sustainability action. Do you think your action qualifies? Submit!

You need information? Or tips?

In the Green Guide we guide you through (U)Ghent in a sustainable way.