Lecture - Epistemic Blackness: Unlearning Whiteness with Charles Mills’ The Racial Contract

Dr. Olivia Rutazibwa (London School of Economics and Political Science) previously gave a lecture at Studium Generale, titled ‘(Un)learning: knowledge for anti-colonial coexistence’. In this lecture, she specifically discusses unteaching methodological Whiteness in the Social and Human Sciences through the concept of epistemic Blackness. Using Charles W. Mills' The Racial Contract', she provides an illustration of the anti-colonial and anti-racist commitment of epistemic Blackness. Participants are encouraged to read a text by Mills (which will be made available in PDF after registration).


Wednesday 1st of March from 19:30-21:15


Campus Boekentoren, Auditorium 4 - Jaap Kruithof, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent

For whom

Accessible for everyone inside and outside Ghent University.


Registration is mandatory via Humanities Academie.


Sofie Avery (Sofie.Avery@ugent.be)

Sigrid Sterckx (Sigrid.Sterckx@UGent.be)