Ngo Xuan Quang - Environmental Management and Technology

Nematology - Ngo Xuan Quang

Name: Ngo Xuan Quang

Study: Master of Science in Nematology, Doctor of Science in Biology (Faculty of Science, Ghent University)

Graduated in: 2006, 2012

Job title: Head of the Department of Environmental Management and Technology

Company: Institute of Tropical Biology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

Sector: Research

1. Current position

I am Head of the Department of Environmental Management and Technology at the Institute of Tropical Biology in Vietnam. I do research on nematology, aquatic ecology, and environmental management.

The best thing about my job is that I can work and use what I learned at Ghent University.

2. Career

There were some job opportunities for me after graduation.

I started working as a researcher in 2002 in my current department. In 2005, I followed the PINC program at the Ghent University and returned home after graduation, in 2006. I was selected to be Deputy – Head of Department in 2007 and became Head of Department after finishing my PhD at Ghent University in 2012, thanks to grant of VLIR – UOS.

3. Labour market

There is a high demand for people with PhD degree. Nematology-graduates are also importantly appreciated by employers for their research skills.

4. Choosing Nematology

I choose to study Nematology because it’s useful for my current job. Nematologists can be used in many work areas such as environmental research, nematode control in agricultural system, etc.

I would still choose this study and also recommend it to my students and colleagues.

5. Study

I work on what I’ve learned. I still use the knowledge on identification, species description and ecological aspects acquired during my studies. Further, I gained knowledge on data analysis, scientific reporting and publication skills.

The most remarkable moment from my time as a Nematology-student was my thesis defence for the professors of Ghent University.

6. Helping future students

Try your best to learn Nematology at Ghent University when you are there, you probably won’t get other opportunities to learn it again in your own country.