PhD: Application, (re-)enrolment or discontinuation

Application procedure before enrolment

BENELUX applicants

    • This means that your master diploma (or equivalent) was issued in either Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg
    • Not based on your nationality
    • Your PhD supervisor will need to start up the application procedure:

    International applicants

        • Holders of a foreign degree need to complete an admission procedure during which the academic aspects (equivalence of your degree, research proposal, language skills) will be evaluated.
          This procedure may take some time (discounting even the time spent gathering your documents and applying for a visa).
        • Your PhD supervisor will need to start up the application procedure:
      During the online application, you will be required to upload your basic diploma and transcripts (or diploma supplement). Note that you will need to add an official translation of these documents, if the originals are not issued in either Dutch, French, German or English.
      • After assessment of your application, Ghent University will inform you of the decision by sending you an official letter, signed by the Registrar.
        With this letter of admission you will be able to enrol and to apply for a visa.

      In both cases a candidate needs to obtain the explicit commitment of a UGent supervisor.

      General information on doctoral research at Ghent University

      Enrolment as PhD student

      All PhD researchers must enrol as student at the start of their doctoral study, as well as re-enrol online every following academic year until graduation, after approval of an annual self-reflection report. You will be charged a tuition fee for your first enrolment, and for your enrolment for your doctoral exam. The annual re-enrolment is free of charge.

      Depending on the funding of your doctoral research, you may also be a member of staff. This means that a double registration may be required: as a student and as a member of staff (signing a contract at the personnel department).

      You can enrol online,  please follow the instructions on your OASIS-page. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail . Please mention your file number or attach your letter of admission.

      Joint PhD contracts can be established from the start of the PhD degree if a research student intends to carry out doctoral research at more than one institution for a considerable length of time, and with a supervisor in each of the institutions.

      Enrolment for Doctoral School and Doctoral Training Programme

      • If you are enrolled as a PhD student at Ghent University you automatically become a member of the Doctoral School.
      • All enrolled PhD students are also automatically enrolled for the Doctoral Training Programme Ghent University. That way you can take part in courses and activities. In some faculties this programme is mandatory.

      Changes to your doctorate

      If you want to change the title of your doctorate, change supervisor(s) or make changes to your doctoral guidance committee approval by the Faculty is required.

      Changes processed by the faculty student administration

      • a change in the supervision: supervisor, doctoral guidance committee member(s), …
      • the language of your dissertation
      • research topic / working title

      Changes processed at the Registrar’s Office

      • doctor’s title, at the same faculty: please complete this form, make sure it is signed by all concerned and send it to

      Please note that if the new doctor’s title is offered at a different faculty, a new enrolment application is to be started by your supervisor.

      Discontinue your Enrolment Contract

      In case you decide to discontinue your doctoral research, you need to terminate your enrolment contract. If you terminate your enrolment contract before 15 March, you can do so online via Oasis. From 15 March you can terminate your enrolment contract by sending an e-mail to and your supervisor in cc.

      Throughout the entire academic year, you can come to the Registrar's Office in person to terminate your enrolment contract.

      When terminating your enrolment contract for the doctorate, your contract for the doctoral training programme will be terminated automatically. If you were working on a joint doctorate, please also contact

      If you are employed at UGent (you receive a salary from UGent), please also contact the Department of Personnel and Organization (DPO), Personnel Administration Office, Exit policy and pension:

      Before 15 March: Online via Oasis 

      • Go to Oasis
      • Choose 'Stop' in the left column
      • Your current contracts are listed
      • Select the enrolment contract of your doctorate and follow the instructions
      • You will receive an email confirming the termination of your enrolment contract with your promotor in cc
      • Destroy your student card (if you have no other enrolments at UGent)

      From 15 March: by e-mail or in person at the Registrar's Office

      • By e-mail:
      • In person:
        • Go to the Registrar's Office
        • You will have to fill in and sign a form
        • Hand in your student card and (unused) certificates of enrolment if you have no other enrolments at UGent

      We advise you to consult your promotor before terminating your enrolment contract.

      Do not forget to inform your Faculty Student Administration.

      You can have a refund of the tuition fee (except for the fixed amount), if you formally terminate your doctoral enrolment within 4 months after your first enrolment.

      Note: this procedure only terminates your enrolment contract - you may need to take additional administrative steps to terminate your employment contract.  Please check the terms and conditions in the contract you signed. These steps differ depending on the type of employment contract you have. Contact your funder for further information.

      PhD Lifecycle